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Thanks Lori. It appears many people are feeling the same way.... I am going with Ann Romney...

Lori (The wrong one)

Sorry Dan I went on a holiday just as you published, so no time to comment on the latest until now. Let me just express my incredulity about the new movie playing in Alberta called "Right and Righter". It is definitely a re-hash of a plot I've seen before and I keep getting the stars confused with each other. I think I'm going to want to wait for this one to hit Movie Central. I have never in my adult life been less inclined to vote and apparently I could even actually vote for Ms. Right (since she's the incumbent in my constituency). I don't want to though. I like the idea of the Alberta Party, but no one talks at all about them. What to do?

Jaeson Cardiff (@Canuck_Plumber)

You sir are one funny man.

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