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Hello Karen and thanks for the comment. Now that you figured out how to follow me on this TypePad you and Lori (see other comment) may be the only people left....Most traffic is coming from Twitter, so hope to see you on it.
I wrote "Kryptonite" as I cannot honestly believe how much money is spent on advertising the ED medication...It's everywhere!!! Oh yes, and also wrote it for the Pulitzer prize money...

Take care.


Big Sis

I will never again hear two guys exchange the usual male greeting/bonding ritual of - "hey buddy-how are they hangin?" - without thinking of your column - at what altitude? or at what angle? - on industrial strength Viagra or just the standard dose? - floating it in a bathtub or not?? Hey - now I get it - this is why I had to take six years of geometry! I think I am finally getting the hang of it!


Hi Lori.

You loved it, didn't you...

Thanks for reading!



Oh Dan...

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