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Still here!!!


A friend

Where did you go, Dan? :(


Thanks Lori.

Michelle is out... Now what kind of fun is that....Perry had an approval rating this morning of 1%....

I am guessing the voters didn't like his idea of invading Iraq...Again. "Mission position accomplished"...

Take care.



Thank you Karen. My thoughts were one of these guys may end up running the Free World someday and since we don't have a Sarah Palin watching the neighbors closely...
Here in Canada I think the future is clear. Things are going relatively well, so a good chance Harper will be thrown out... again...Who knows? Ken Dryden is on a roll over fighting in hockey, so he may be the Liberals man...Boring...

Take care


Big Sis

I have been hiding out deep in the Florida Everglades for a month right smack in the middle of Republican Tea Party country and believe me - you are lucky NOT to have seen all the debates on your 300 cable channels. I on the other hand have been forced to watch 300 debates on the four major networks and all their affiliated stations. You should hear the OFF camera debates around the pool and on the beaches during happy hour. There has been no other news down here in a month. Is the rest of the world still out there? So I dialled up Dan's Blog hoping for some "Canadian content". I would rather watch 11 months of NHL hockey than endure the upcoming New Hampshire caucuses. (spell check please) Go get 'em Sid the Kid.

Lori (The wrong one)

Dan! Michelle has quit and Rick is still putting on a brave face, just like the Canadian Junior Hockey team, although I believe that the potential for high humour and blog fodder still exists. I'm looking forward to your commentary...

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