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Dan Fry

Thank you for the comment Phylis.

Just a little different way of looking at the World. Fortunately I do not have to make my living at doing this....

I will look for Michael McIntyre and have a read. I appreciate you forwarding that.

I hope you will continue to read the blog. My latest was a bit trashy... But for the most part well received. "Back In The Saddle."

You can find me on Twitter @nowarranty and Facebook as well under Dan Fry or Humor Me.

Any success in writing this comes from word of mouth so hope you will pass it on to others who may enjoy!

Have a great week.

Dan :)


Appreciate the comment.

Adventure Racing

Thanks for sharing your insights here. :D


Hardly demise... just a minor faux pas.


Thank you for the kind comment Lori and at the same time pointing out my literary demise.

"It's a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word!" Andrew Jackson.

Have a great weekend.



As I said on FB, I CANNOT believe I missed Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction. Heartbroken doesn't begin to express my emotional state. By the way, "pizza magnet" with regard to the latest bizzaro Republican presidential candidate - is this something to put on my fridge? Or did you mean magnate? And I am super-impressed with your erudition on the subject of Greek mythology. Once again, you had me LOLWTRDF.


Thanks for the follow and comment Canuck Plumber. Much appreciated.

Canuck Plumber

Hahaha. Oh wow. I hear Germany "likes" Norway and France keeps poking Switzerland. Great read. Thanks.

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