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Thanks for the comments TT and Newt. Shorting Canadian Tire Money... and creating a Canadian Tire Money ETF, sounds brilliant.
Of course talk to your financial advisor before making any investment, but if it brings you closer to that leaf blower that much sooner....


No Worries Dan Canadian Tire was only off .54% today whereas the DJIA was off 5.55%.

I think there is a demand for a Canadian Tire Dollar ETF....


Humor Me

I agree with whatever you said. If it wasn't for the S & P downgrade, everything would be fine today in the stock market. I don't think those slick Know-It-Alls should be allowed to go around like Marxists pointing out the problems with capitalism. Considering how much money S&P have been making from the financial markets for years, they should have encouraged optimism by upgrading the American debt rating. At least that would have given investors time to get out of the market with a profit.

I remain, as always, with

My Lowest Expectations Downgraded

PS Is it possible S&P shorted Canadian Tire Money on Thursday?


Hi Viviana,

Thank you so much for the comment. I hope you will follow!

Take care.



I enjoyed reading your post far better than the morning paper! Thanks for sharing


Thanks Greg and Wendy. Are you guys coming out?


Hi Nutmeg Thanks for the comment . Some of the smaller equipment may be tying in our water tomorrow.... What are you up to tonight?


Nice work Dan.

Nutmeg would like to know what happened to the backhoe? She is sure that it will likely be finished it's work by the time the markets finish their gyrations...Just be happy that S&P was not the contractor :-)


5 stars!

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