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I couldn't go by without expressing my personal opinion when you speak about debt crisis in USA. Yeah, it is sad for me to hear that the Republican Party, whose support for the debt-ceiling deal was needed as it controlled the House, saw its approval ratings drop from 41 percent in July to 33 percent in August.


Thanks for the post Greg. The speedometers in boats never work....Just tell everybody your doing 20 knots and look confident in what you are saying...

Key word is in your post is RENTAL. I don't care what it costs it is still wise to rent anything that flies, floats or falls under the category of timeshare.

It was while staying at Mara I was badgered into purchasing our first boat, an event that has forever changed my life.

Dan: "We are having a great time hey kids. If its sunny tomorrow maybe we can rent the boat again."

Paul: "If you really loved your family Mr. Fry, you would buy them a boat...
Wife of Dan: "Real men own their own boats and don't rent cabins with no air conditioning."

Wonderful Children: "We want our own boat too Daddy. Are we getting a cabin? "

I closed the boat deal the next day at Sicamous at the dock and I headed to Mara on the open waters. Those were the happiest 20 minutes of my life... until the brand new Volvo Penta V8 engine blew up.

I got the opportunity to use our new paddles and rope from our "Safety Kit" to bring the all 19 ft of that pleasure craft to shore. I was greeted by Paul and my adoring family like a champion...

We have never been back.



Very timely blog - I just picked up the boat at mara lake. Right off, we had to switch boats due to a malfunctioning speedometer. And then, after getting though the no-wake zone with boat number 2, I cranked it up and felt the wind in my face. Wow I must have been going 30 - but there was no reading on the speedometer! The fear has just begun.....

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