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Adventure Racing

This sounds a bit interesting for me. It might be a new unending topic for Obama. :D`


Thanks for commenting BC Tires. Hope you will continue to follow. D.

bc tires

That is a shame that they are working in front of you vacation home. Maybe it won't be that bad.


Ha.... You do have squatters rights so when they subdivide take the piece close to the lake.


Great comment as always Martha. Thank you. I have found tranquility laying on a concrete picnic table, at the public beach, in the town of Windermere. My hope is the park won't be subdivided before it closes tonight at 10pm...


As always Dan you provide exquisite entertainment.

"peace in the mountains..." hmmmm while visiting Canmore the other day I was almost run over on the street by a long board skate boarder who could not stand the peace and quiet. He was on his telephone while skate boarding. I heard Windermere was quiet last weekend. I believe that was because highway 93 was closed and then a rock slide closed part of highway one. That can make some places peaceful.
...A true crisis would be the Winnipeg Jets called something like the Winnipeg Moose.
Oh by the way my Creedence Clear Water is on a reel to reel
gotta go my reel to reel just stopped


Thanks for the comment. I love the "Dude" and I think you make a very good point.
Are those Creedence tapes 8 track or cassette?




Great view. as always.

I suggest you consider enlisting The Dude of The Big Lebowski as world trouble shooter rather than Rooster.

Still got my Credence tapes


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