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Thank for the comments!

Daisy, I am reading the the rest of your work on SFist.com. Sorry about missing that key credential in your repertoire, which of course, automatically qualified you as a "Big Gun." As a result of the oversight, there will been sweeping changes here at Humor Me next week. We may even have to go to "Bing"...

Looking forward to following your columns in SFist.com, xoJane and Oopsie Daisy. I just don't know how it could have been said any better than how you put it.
"Its just how I dreamed it would be. Except, you know, not."

Thanks also to Kristin and Karen. I appreciate the humour in your comments, and the time you both take to follow. D

Karen Fry

59 cpmmitted followers is more than Jesus had back in the day - so I would not sweat it just yet. He managed with 12 - and apparently was reported to have walked on water without the assistance of your watercraft and Brett Wilson visiting on the deck. Why just look at Justine Beiber. One day he is strumming his guitar in the family room with the standard brown and orange striped couch as a backdrop - and poof - the next thing you know you he is Mr. Universe, draped in supermodels and I can't find a hairdresser in the whole galaxy who doesn't want to cut and color my hair like his. Write on... your other sister who is socially media illiterate.


Great summary Dan!! I love reading your blog as you know I do not twitter or go on facebook. Apparently that means I am somewhat out of touch with the world. Oh well, I may have been the last person to hear about Bin Laden as I heard it on the morning TV news. I have a girlfriend who was sea kyaking through the Broken Islands during the crumbling of the World Trade Center in 9/11. She did not know about the event until one week later. That was before facebook. I think she preferred to be breathing fresh air that week.
I would rather read your blog than the newpapers to hear the lastest. I always have a good belly laugh reading the news via your blog. It is ever so much more funny and entertaining.
Signed Martha (aka the sister that is out breathing fresh air rather than twittering or facebooking).

daisy barringer

Thanks for the shoutout! I'll try not to be too offended that you don't count me as one of the "big guns." ;)

Keep writing. Took me four years to parlay my writing into something bigger (SFist.com) and six to somethign even bigger (xoJane.com) -- And all I'm getting for my hard work is rude-ass commenters on xoJane.

It's just how I dreamed it would be. Except, you know, not.

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